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Because we offer solutions that cover the entire performance range – including Industrial (IP65) options – Structured Cabling Services can design and install a warranted solution that will deliver the flexibility you require. With many years partners with major leading cabling manufacturer brands, we provide a wide range of choices. The warranty programme provides an application assurance for your infrastructure, guaranteeing constant performance of your communications data.

Copper Cable:

  • Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7

Fiber Cable:

  • SingleMode – OS1, OS2
  • Multimode – OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
  • MPO (Multi-fiber Push On)

Copper Cable
Fiber Cable
Data Centers / Computer Rooms

Products we offer to provide a full solution to our data centers owners.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Network Switches
Wire Routing Management

Wire routing and management solutions embody the dependability and flexibility for which our products are known. No matter how demanding your environment is, we have components that perform above and beyond—even in some of the harshest environmental conditions.

Fiber Routing Systems

Panduit fiber routing systems (FiberRunner®) are comprehensive: you get everything you need to successively segregate, route, and protect fiber optic and high-performance copper cabling. Larger capacity, which allows you to route higher cable counts and Panduit time-saving couplers ensure that channels and fittings are efficiently assembled. Finally, Excessive bends are prevented by the system’s fittings, which maintain a protective two-inch bend radius.


Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems

Our easy-to-install wire mesh cable tray systems (Wyr-Grid®) cleanly and efficiently route and manage copper data cables, fiber optic network cables, and power cables within data centers, connected buildings, and industrial automation applications. Innovative features provide quick, safe, and easy assembly for reduced installation costs and faster deployment.


Technology Channel Partners

Wireless Access Point
Network Switches
Security Solution

Channel Partners for Security

Card Access

Whether you’re a small business trying to compete like a large enterprise or a large enterprise seeking the agility of a small business, Mitel delivers all-in-one communications, collaboration and contact center solutions you can own or subscribe to so you can do more with less.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring your environment has never been easier. AVTECH has over 27 years of experience protecting the most important data centers in the world. Protect your assets today using the world’s most popular temperature and environment monitoring products. The Most Reliable & Cost Effective Environment Monitors Available.

Smart Building

Building Automation:

  • Transform real time data into actionable intelligence
  • Track energy consumption over any time period, analyses how energy can be use more efficiently
  • Helps save Energy and maintenance
  • Fault monitoring