Services We Provide

Smart Security

We provide a full range of security solution to meet our customer’s need. We specialized in Network Security & IP Security Surveillance (CCTV), Access Control and Cyber Security.

The physical protection of your business starts with a dependable security system that offers protection without breaking the bank. CCTV and Access Control, like a lot of today’s new technology, can be confusing and expensive. At EMS, our team will work with you to determine your security requirements and tailor a security solution that is affordable yet effective.

We propose the best systems on the market, so you know your business is protected by the latest technology. We don’t compromise on quality, after all it is the security of your assets on the line. Whether you need a standard security for your business – or integrated CCTV throughout your industrial premises, with EMS you will always know you are protected.

Network Security & IP Security Surveillance

At EMS, we supply and install camera surveillance equipment and digital video recording solutions, including major industrial properties such as large hotel establishments, large warehouse facilities, and major retail outlets.

We also have security solutions for small to big businesses and private homes. Our systems are professionally designed to deter criminal activity, as well as provides digitally recorded images of incidents at your home or business.

Door Access Control

Access control systems are crucial for the security of residential and commercial properties as well as the safety of occupants and employees inside. Whether you want to protect your valuable possessions from thieves or safeguard sensitive information from competitors, access control systems can be installed to help you control who does and does not have access to a designated area. Access control systems are also particularly useful for organizations where heavy foot traffic is commonplace and requires regulating.

Cyber Security

The Global ICS Security Market is expected to reach $7 Billion by 2024, with this growth attributed to the increasing incidents of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure industries. As such, industrial control systems in manufacturing, energy, chemical and other environments are coming under an increasing number of cyber-attacks, as hacking groups find new ways to breach OT networks. The more interconnected our infrastructure becomes, the more vulnerable it is to cyber-attacks.

Our mission is to secure industrial control networks from cyber-attacks to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the world’s most critical infrastructures.

  • Continuous Vulnerability Detection
  • Continuous Threat Monitoring
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Security Posture Assessment